Running away to join The Circus | Bank holiday fun

For a while now I have been trying to think of a way to treat my sister and flip the role of big sister treating little sister, something she has done so many times over the years. So now that I am settled in a job and on a steady wage, I wanted to play host for the weekend and treat her to a fun filled weekend.

There has been something I have been wanting to do for aaages, like months, maybe even years. Ever since seeing the episode in Sex and The City where Carrie goes to Trapeze School, I have wanted to try it out. After researching classes in London I found Gorilla Circus, and realising we had a bank holiday coming up I checked whether Alice was free to come up, and booked us in for a 2 hour beginners class. To make it even more exciting, I decided not to tell Alice what we were doing and kept it a surprise. I just told her to bring exercise leggings and left the rest for her to wonder.

The night before we went out for dinner to a little French bistro called Petit Pois which I had heard great things about, and it did not disappoint. Everything was perfect, and reminded me so much of the laid-back vibes of France that I miss so much. After a hot day, the heat stayed through till the evening meaning we comfortably ate alfresco out on the little street front, sipping red wine and dining on ‘the best steak I have ever eaten’! It was seriously good and cooked to perfection. We followed our evening with some equally good cocktails by dropping down into the bar Happiness Forgets located in the cellar of the restaurant.

^^ Seriously best food ever! ^^

Saturday morning we headed off to Regents Park, feeling so grateful the forecast was wrong again and it was dry rather than the thunder storms we were predicted all week. After dropping a few hints just as we were nearing the location, I let Alice in on the surprise and confessed it was trapeze class that we were heading to. There were a few worried looks and concerns of flexibility, but I think she was excited and luckily I know she’s one to give anything a go!

^^ The rig & Alice getting ready to fly ^^

^^ Alice mid flight ^^

We had the best time, and both got the nod to attempt The Catch at the end (something that I was really looking forward to doing). Alice was great, and despite always insisting she is as flexible as a brick wall, she looked like a pro.

^^ Alice doing The Catch ^^

^^ Me practising The Catch ^^

^^ Me doing The Catch ^^

I had so much fun, I could have stayed and trapeze’d all day, but so glad we didn’t as we are seriously aching today!! It just goes to show how fun exercise can be! Maybe I have found my new calling…

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