Dubrovnik, Croatia | Part Two

Looking down over the Old Town from atop the city walls was an incredible vantage point to see the whole town, coastline and out to sea.

^^ Looking down from the city walls ^^

One evening we caught the cable car up to the lookout point outside of the Old Town and we had planned this to coincide with seeing the sunset which I would highly recommend. The photographs don’t do it justice, they never do, but the sun was the brightest red and cast such a nice light over the landscape. Looking back down on the Old Town you realise how small the town is. But I liked this as it I felt we really got to know the place while we were there. I could spend days just wandering the little back streets and stopping for gelato or a coffee in the shaded courtyards.

To keep the holiday to a budget we restricted ourselves to eating one meal out a day and shopping at the local supermarkets for the other meals. The value of eating out in Dubrovnik is fairly inexpensive, more so if you buy food at the supermarkets, and so it was nice in the evening to treat ourselves dinner & drinks.

Living in rainy England there is little opportunity to wear nice dresses and so I enjoyed packing some clothes that I haven’t worn in a while, or ever! The below white & blue dress was bought in Australia and it was so nice to wear it again. If only we could have some more sun here in England!!

Before we arrived I googled islands surrounding Dubrovnik and came across the island of Lokrum. Only a short boat ride away, Lokrum is 0.31 sq miles in size and is home to lush botanic gardens as well as a the deserted Benedictine monastery. What I hadn’t expected to find there was the original Game of Thrones Iron Throne! Within the old monastery there is a small Game of Thrones museum featuring video interviews with the cast and the actual throne that was/is used on set.

We decided to walk the botanical gardens to work up a sweat before finding a spot to swim. Up a steep hill we came across the old fort ruins & admired the stunning view below of the tall ships docked off the island. I wish I wasn’t seasick/slightly scared of open water, as the boating life looks so appealing!

On the southern side of the island there is a small salt lake known as the ‘dead sea’ which is the most picture perfect spot. We returned here two days in a row to sunbathe and swim in the lake with the peacocks in the trees above. The island is home to wild peacocks and bunny rabbits who roam the island freely and are the sweetest little things.

On the last night we donned our finest frocks and took a last walk around the harbour and Fort Lovrijenac. On our way to find a restaurant for dinner we made the mistake of showing an interest in the parrot man. Next thing I know I have three sat on my shoulders!

Dubrovnik, you were amazing & the most beautiful place. I hope to visit you again one day…



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