Dubrovnik, Croatia | Part One

A couple of months back my friend Katherine and I started talking and saying about going somewhere hot for a few days over summer & we threw a few destinations into the mix and began weighing up the pro’s and con’s of each place. We wanted sun, sea, a little culture/sightseeing, but most importantly somewhere where neither of us had been before, and could both explore but also be able to relax and recharge away from work.

Croatia is somewhere that I have personally always wanted to go and have heard nothing but good things of the country from people who have previously visited. We decided that due to time restraints we would fly into Dubrovnik and spend our entire 5 days exploring the Old Town and surrounding islands. The airport is conveniently situated a 30 minute coach ride away, and there are companies such as Atlas who run shuttles frequently & cost approximately 70 Kuna return (£7 gbp).

We booked a small apartment through Airbnb which proved to be the most affordable and convenient option for us, however there are many hostels & alternative apartments to rent within the Old Town. Our apartment was a minutes walk up some steep steps off the main Stradun or Placa which runs through the centre of the Old Town. It was the perfect location with restaurants, shops, water fountains (note: it is advised to not drink the tap water, however the water fountains situated around the Old Town are perfectly safe to drink from so we used these to refill our water bottles) & the harbour only a minutes walk away.

^^ The stunning port & the little street where our apartment was located ^^

^^ If only we could spend every day jumping off cliffs into turquoise waters ^^

^^ Wandering the streets and making friends with the stray cats ^^

^^‘Stand by the pretty old door so I can take a photograph’ ^^

Dubrovnik has in recent years become more well known and popular as a tourist destination due to the hit television series Game of Thrones and I won’t pretend this wasn’t a strong factor in deciding to holiday here this summer. Both Katherine and I are fans of the show so we only though it right to succumb to our inner fan girl and combine sightseeing with some additional film trivia. On our first full day I had advance booked us on to a Game of Thrones Walking Tour which at 3 hours long promised to show us all the filming locations and let us in on some juicy behind the scenes scoop.

The tour was brilliant and perfect for what we had expected and wanted. Both factual concerning both Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik/Croatia as a country, but also fun and relaxed to allow us to explore and capture the city at our own pace. We covered most of the Old Town & Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress which is located up on the cliffs just outside the Old Town. The tour included tickets to access the city walls and having shared with us all she knew, the guide left us half way around the walls leaving us to wander the rest on our own. The views from the wall looking down on the Old Town & then out to sea were incredible. The sea is so clear in Croatia with it being so rocky that there is nothing but clear water straight to the sea floor making it a crisp blue/green colour and so so inviting!

^^ The Old Town walls & pirate ships ^^

**of course I got snap happy and took so many photographs so I have split the post up into two parts. Part 2 to follow shortly**


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