Chelsea Flower Show – Part Two

Some more photographs of our day at Chelsea Flower Show 2016…

^^ Following the bigger display gardens we moved on to perusing the smaller Artisan Gardens and got to see the highly talked about Senri-Sentei Garage Garden, created by Japanese designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. The compact design featuring colourful Japanese trees, water feature and greenery, is both practical and stylish with the feature piece being the vintage mini sheltered beneath the lush canopy. This gold winning piece is Kazuyuki Ishihara’s 4th consecutive win in the Artisan Garden category and I can see why. ^^

^^ The enjoyment of these kind of events for me is not only seeing the main attractions, in this case being the display gardens, but also exploring the smaller trade stands and meeting all the creative people & seeing what craftmanship they have to offer. To me the above Shepherd’s Hut is just dreamy! I would loveee to own one of these and have it nestled in the bottom of a quiet field next to a little stream and have sleepovers in there. I’d wake up and make tea & cook eggs on the wood burner! Ahhh I digress….

But isn’t it just so dreamy ^^

^^ The popular Behind Every Great Florist display of the Queens head & the rose garden which smelled just divine ^^

^^ The Orchid display was pretty amazing with coloured blooms creating a tunnel in which you could walk through & see the flowers up close. The below images of lavender were to encourage my mum to plant more lavender variation in our home garden & I can’t get enough of the lilac colours and calming smell ^^

^^ The Allotment. I love this kind of garden & one day hope to have a house with a garden big enough to grow my own vegetables in metal troughs and have an rustic wooden greenhouse. The combination of picket fencing, marigolds, wild plants, and the addition of the genius mirrored shed, makes this display one of my favourites of the day! ^^

^^ The day ended with a last stroll through the gardens and a Pimms in the afternoon sun listening to ‘The Barron Knights’ who were playing the show. It really was the perfect end to a perfect day ^^

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