Chelsea Flower Show – Part One

Working in garden retail there is very rarely work perks that really get me excited. But when my buyer approached me last month with the offer of free trade passes to Chelsea Flower Show I jumped at the chance to go.

The weather was unpredictable all week (standard England!) so planning for the weekend outfit wise was rather tricky. I had bought a lovely new floral skirt from Zara earlier in the week and I was dying to take it on its first outing but watching the weather forecast change from sun to cloud to rain over the course of the week, it started looking less and less likely I would be donning said skirt and instead would be wearing my signature jeans and converse.

The day started early & we awoke to the sound of dripping on the outdoor stairwell. After peeping through the curtains my suspicions were confirmed… rain! Argghh! *Channeling positive thoughts* I jumped in the shower feigning ignorance of the disappointing weather outside and mentally rethought my day’s attire. However I needn’t have bothered fretting as after 15 minutes, the forecast had miraculously changed to bright sun all day! I genuinely think the weather people just look out of the window that morning and make up the forecast as how can it have gone from predicted thunder storms, to rain, to bright sunshine in the space of one shower! I was not complaining though, but deciding to air on the side of caution I went with a black skater dress, converse and denim jacket rather than the original planned white skirt and sandals. And for once looking back I am so glad I decided on my outfit choice – just enough skin to catch some of those rare English rays, but layered up enough for when those dratted clouds pass over.

On the instruction of my buyer who had been the Monday before, we headed straight to the Show Gardens and the poppy display. The design of these gardens are so well thought through and even though I admit I skipped reading about each one in detail, the story behind each one was really interesting. Here are a few (okayy the first batch – flowers are so easy to photograph I couldn’t help but get snap happy) photos of these displays…

^^ Lilacs & Oranges ^^

^^ Loved this garden with the long natural pond & rust person statue ^^

^^ The Harrods Garden with the house & the most beautiful blush coloured flowers. Now that is my kind of garden ^^

^^ We flashed our trade wristbands and were granted access to the backstage area (hello fancy toilets!) and came across this stunning succulent wall ^^

^^ The amazing Poppy Display & The Chelsea Pensioners. And those red colours, ahhh love it!! ^^

** Post part 2 to come…**

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