London | Regent’s Canal

I’m a country girl through and through. Living in London these past 9 months (9 months!! How has it been this long already!) I have realised this more and more. That being said, I do love the gritty hustle and bustle of city life, but when my favourite places in London are big open, green spaces or quiet canal paths, I know my heart belongs to the countryside.

I know that London living is not for me long term, but since this chapter of my life requires me to live here, I am embracing everything London has to offer. Being based in East London I am really fortunate to have Greenwich only a short train ride away, and the Thames literally a stones throw from my front door. And with the Thames comes canals which zigzag their way throughout our Capital. On the Sunday just gone, with the forecast dry I decided to take a walk along Regent’s Canal towards Broadway Market, Hackney.

Every Saturday Broadway Market and the streets surrounding fill with a collection of market stalls selling the most delicious food and treats, as well as crafts, antiques and vintage thrift finds. With the sun shining and a coffee in hand, in my opinion it really is the best kind way to spend your Saturday! Since I went on Sunday there was no market stalls to peruse but when the sun is shining and the brunch punters are spilling out of the restaurants onto the street enjoying the warm English weather, you find it impossible not to embrace the relaxed vibes & slow down and just wander the streets in search of Sunday treats. For me this was my black americano and fresh baguette from the sweetest little bakery called Pavilion.

Its been a few weeks since I last went to the Saturday markets, so I’m sure it is only a matter of finding a free weekend to venture this way again and I’ll be sure to take along my  proper camera this time.

But here are a few photos of my Sunday walk taken with my iphone 6s…


^^Seeing all the colourful barges along the river really makes me want to go on a little boating holiday. It seems such a peaceful way of life ^^




^^ Even the gritty grey parts of London have character ^^



^^ The mouth of the canal where it meets Limehouse Marina ^^








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