And ending but not an ending

I feel like I have completely neglected my blog since I returned home. And yes I am home, back to good old England. But while I was travelling this blog was my daily diary and I spent two months practically every day on this site writing my thoughts and adventures. And to then return home and suddenly stop has been strange. So I thought I would write a quick catch up post to end the Australia trip properly.DSC_0296

We flew from Darwin to Singapore (Jetstar), then on to Kuala Lumpur (Jetstar), where we changed airlines and began our ‘long-haul’ flights home. Firstly to Dubai where we flew with Emirates on a strangely empty plane which allowed us to spread out comfortably and sleep with fully reclined seats. I’m not a nervous flier, but I wouldn’t say I enjoy flying. I get restless and twitchy being confined for long periods of time and so flying is usually an inconvenience in my mind. However this flight with a spare seats adjacent and nobody behind to bother with reclined seats, I have to say it was the best flight I have taken so far. I think I’m just not made for economy, those beds in Business sure do look attractive. Best get saving those pennies! Following this flight we flew out of Dubai and onto home soil in sunny London!


^^ Okay it doesn’t look that sunny, but it was trust me. To some that might be a boring view, but for me those green fields mean home and sure does make me happy ^^

It was the perfect welcome and the sort of weather we needed to ease us back into an English summer. We had decided to spend the weekend in London before we headed home and were lucky enough to have bagged British Summer Time tickets a few months ago for that weekend. We met up with our brother and after some breakfast together we headed to Hyde Park to watch the concert. Before we went I was excited to see the acts who were playing but other than that day, I hadn’t really given it much thought. But now thinking back I can’t quite believe how lucky we were to see such amazing artists for such a decent priced ticket.


^^ This is England, yeah right! Watching the Cuban Brothers who were hilarious and perfect watching on a hot summers day with a pint of cider in hand ^^


^^ Its Taylor freaking Swift!!! I have been in love with her forever and Alice and I have been listening to her album on every car journey. So to see her live, outside, in glorious sunshine, in London, was just amazing ^^


^^ The best live concert ever ^^

After the concert we headed for some drinks and then back to our hostel. We stayed in the Generator hostel near Kings Cross. It was pretty good value for such a central location, however it is basic and their bathrooms could do with a few more plugs (or at least one). But it was perfect for us that weekend and I would consider staying there again.

IMG_5229 - Copy

^^ Then it was home time, and we were welcomed back in true English fashion with bunting and everything ^^


^^ Being back with these girls make staying in the UK all the more easier. They threw me a surprise tea party to welcome me home, which was the sweetest thing ever and made me so happy ^^

It has been so nice to be home, back with family and friends, and back to my old bedroom. But there is one thing that I can’t stop thinking. And that is, how has it been 8 months since I was last here?! How have I been to Australia (my big trip that I have been looking forward to for so long) and it is now all over. I couldn’t travel forever, it does get tiresome and I do miss home occasionally when away. But there is something about being on the road and waking up in a new place every day that excites me and makes me itch to pack those bags again.

But those bags are staying empty for a while, or a few months at least. I do love travelling but I’m home now and applying to jobs for a ‘career’ and I’m excited. I’m excited about finding a career that I enjoy and just enjoy living in England for a bit. There is so much of this country that I haven’t explored yet and so I think this year I will make it my mission to do just that and maybe I’ll blog about it, who knows.

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