Day 45 – Cape Tribulation


^^ The sugar cane fields heading to Cape Tribulation ^^

After crossing the Daintree river on the car ferry (takes approximately 2 minutes to cross and $24) we found ourselves winding along the coast towards Cape Tribulation, stopping along the way for the odd scenic lookout.

DSC_0106DSC_0113 - Copy

Ever couple of miles we passed these signs warning you of crossing cassowary birds. We’ve seen these birds in the zoo and know how rare and endangered they are, and so you can understand our shock when one runs across the road in front of us with its baby chick in tow. Now the photo isn’t great as I must admit I was a little wary of this large bird who was very protective of her chick (and so she should be), and so we didn’t stress her out by lingering too long to snap her photograph. But you can totally see it’s a Cassowary!! Another native Australian creature we can tick off the list.


We arrived at our accommodation and settled into our cabin for the night, but woke to heavy rain bouncing off the rainforest around us, spoiling our plans for a sunny days walking along the long Cape Tribulation beach. But hey ho, we made do with a short board-walk stroll through some local rainforest and a rainy lookout on to the beach.


^^ More tree photos I know, but how cool are they?! ^^


^^ Rainy but what do you expect in a rainforest? ^^

DSC_0128 DSC_0130

Since the weather was pretty pants we decided to head back to Cairns earlier and spent a chilled evening there catching up on current affairs (i.e. Mail Online) and watching Greys Anatomy.

Off to Darwin tomorrow and into our final State of the trip…

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