Day 40 – Cairns & The Barron Gorge National Park

{Playing catch up here a little as we’ve been away diving for a few days (more on that later) and so a few days at sea without internet has scuppered my blogging routine}

Anyway back to Cairns where we arrived last week and spent a day exploring. Before arriving here I was envisioning a smaller Brisbane/Sydney city, but I am learning now that the further you head up north, those big cities just don’t exist.  Instead you get a town centre, marina, and beautiful countryside with rainforest just 10 minutes drive out of town. Since that rainforest was so beautiful we decided to head on up into it to explore some more. We took the Skyrail which is a 7.5 km scenic cableway running above the Barron Gorge National Park.


The cable cars take you high above the rainforest canopy and give you a great birds-eye view of the trees below. I realised when looking through the photographs that we took, that most of the images just look like green trees with little variation. However when you are there in person floating above the forest, you can really appreciate the height of these trees and see each plant species so clearly, making the whole experience so much more exciting than what the photographs suggest.DSC_0110

^^ Trees as far as the eye can see ^^

DSC_0101 DSC_0102 DSC_0108DSC_0097

We caught the cable car all the way to the end to the little village of Kuranda where we took a walk through the rainforest and admired the old trains in the station. There is the option to catch the train back down, but we favoured the aerial view so we could see more of the rainforest. These trains are rather sweet though so we couldn’t resist having a nosey.

DSC_0169 DSC_0180DSC_0226 DSC_0183

^^ Such a darling little station ^^

DSC_0186 DSC_0196

^^ Alice in the rainforest, looking all happy with herself just after she made me cry ^^

Why is it that when you get winded, the first reaction is to cry?! Well for me this has always been case, and embarrassingly nothing has changed. So the story is this… Alice thought she would play a little, harmless joke on me and threw a flower into my hair pretending it to be a spider. Long story short, I jumped, kneed myself in the stomach, winded myself, whilst also cricking my neck, which resulted in me being a gasping painful sobbing mess. It’s always a bit disappointing when a practical joke goes wrong and someone ends in tears. But you know I’m a good sport and it was actually quite funny after the shock subsided. And anyway now I have a free pass to scare Alice. Think I’ll hold on to that for when we’re crocodile hunting next week…

DSC_0198 DSC_0203^^ These strangler vines are crazy how they wrap themselves so tightly around the trunk of other trees ^^


^^ Exploring the railway from below ^^


^^ Alice and I both said how much this scene reminds us of Laos with the wide rivers and lush forests either side. I’d love to return to that country one day ^^ 

Diving the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow…

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