Day 35, 36 & 37 – Whitsunday Islands & Airlie Beach

After leaving Australia Zoo, we drove back to Brisbane where we spent a night in a hotel at the airport, ready to catch our early morning flight to Proserpine. We’re getting used to getting up at 4am for flights as for all of our domestic flights we have chosen the early option to allow us to have a full day ahead of us in our new destination. But when the flight is only an hour long, having done so much already that morning, you arrive at 7.30am at your new destination and wonder why everywhere is closed, it gets pretty confusing. But for someone who isn’t a morning person, it is also really nice to arrive and have an early leisurely breakfast and coffee instead of the usual quick tea and toast that so often starts my day.


^^ Still loving the long blacks ^^

After breakfast we made the most of the early morning sun and to pass the time while we waited for our room to be available, set up a little camp at the local beach/pool and read our kindles in the sun. I’ve just finished The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) which I have been obsessed with reading the past week. I love a book that won’t let you put it down!

Anyway I forgot to say, we’re here in Airlie Beach, staying for three days to explore the Whitsunday Islands. Alice has been here with Nadia before I arrived, but they did a three day boat trip around the islands and so we thought we would stay ashore this time and just do a day trip to the islands. The tours are fairly pricey and can cost into the $100s for just a boat taxi to the main islands. And so we thought best to just book onto a boat tour which included some snorkelling, beach time, and a walk. The boat was one of these super fast speed boats that whips you around the islands at top speed, soaking you in the process. After boarding the boat first and carefully selecting our seats, we proceeded to find out we had chosen the wettest seats on the entire boat, and departed the boat with a new hair-do and very salty sunglasses. But first stop was snorkelling and so who cares about a little water when you’re about to jump right into that turquoise sea!


It was our first real attempt at getting the Go Pro out and so the photos aren’t the best. Plus the sun was being pretty stubborn that day and kept going behind clouds so the lighting isn’t great, but it was fun to play around with and get some practice in before our diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef next week!!




I was shocked at how much of the coral had died. There were the odd pops of colour but it was mostly grey which was disappointing. But we did see this big clam which was most certainly alive and flexing its muscles.



^^ Cloudy and overcast but with a hint of sun. Just enough for some sunbathing on Whitehaven Beach ^^


^^ Finishing the day with a walk overlooking the swirling sands of Whitehaven Beach ^^

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