Day 34 – Australia Zoo

Its zoo time again! Since we are in Queensland and were practically driving past Australia Zoo on the way back to Brisbane, we decided to stop for the day. Plus we’re in Australia, how could we not go to the famous Steve Irwin’s zoo?! We were up and out of the hostel in Noosa early and so on the road in good time for a whole day at the zoo. The zoo itself really is one big tribute to Steve Irwin, so it was both great, and kind of sad to see so much of his work displayed and remembered around the park. But ultimately the zoo is there to carry on his legacy in dedicating time to the conservation of wildlife, and now a home to so many of these amazing animals. It is such a nice zoo and a great day out!DSC_0090

^^ Straight to the crocodiles ^^

DSC_0093 I didn’t go overboard with the photographs this time as before when I’ve looked through my previous zoo trip photos, I find I have 100 photographs of one bird and end up sifting through them all for hours. But the ones I did take this time I just love and so thought I’d share a few here. Anyway who doesn’t want to see more photos of koalas and kangaroos. I certainly won’t be seeing any of those back home and so made the most of stroking those cute animals. DSC_0123 ^^ Can you see the baby Joey?! ^^ DSC_0233 DSC_0235 DSC_0151 DSC_0140 ^^ It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia Zoo without watching a Croc Show. The way they jump in the water with the crocodiles is crazy!!  ^^ DSC_0186^^ I had a toy wombat when I was little who looked just like these cute animals ^^DSC_0193^^ Feeding time ^^DSC_0220 ^^ I love how interactive you can be with the animals. These kangaroos are happy to hop around you and enjoy a good scratch. They are so soft, especially this teen-joey ^^ DSC_0174 ^^ I love the colouring and markings on this one ^^ DSC_0176 DSC_0183DSC_0290 DSC_0240 DSC_0243 ^^ I realise now when editing this post that there are a lot of photographs of koalas. But like I said, I love ’em! ^^ DSC_0288 ^^ Bindi’s Treehouse ^^ DSC_0265

^^ This lemur was very friendly and at one point thought it was about to use me as a post to leap off. Thankfully he chose the bench ^^


^^ He’s coming for me… ^^

DSC_0272^^ Reminds me of the book we used to read as children, ‘How the birds got their colours’ ^^ DSC_0291

^^ We saw a wombat being walked! She did not want to go the way she was supposed to ^^

Saving the best till last!! I’ve never had a ‘favourite’ animal before, but after seeing so many koalas this past year, and now finally getting the chance to hold one, I can safely say I am in love. They are just the sweetest animals, we just couldn’t get enough of them at the zoo. DSC_0160


DSC_0166 - Copy

^^ Totally loved us ^^

Such a fun day, so glad we got chance to visit!

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