Day 30 & 31 – Wet ‘n’ Wild & A Day In Brisbane

We moved on from Byron Bay, and picked up our hire car to drive to Brisbane. We decided to have some fun along the way and stopped at Wet ‘n’ Wild water park for an afternoon on the Gold Coast . I have never been to a water park before, but on family holidays I always remember seeing those big colourful slides through the fence and wishing we could go. It was nice to cross that fence and be big kids for the day.


It was a good day for it weather wise. I imagine on a scorching hot summers day the pools would be really refreshing and inviting. But we weren’t complaining about the slight chill in the air, as the park was fairly quiet and we hardly queued for any of the rides. We did feel like big kids running from one ride to the next and screaming down the big drop slides. But some of those slides deserved a little scream! I wasn’t expecting them to be quite so steep. The colourful one you see on the above photograph involves you wearing a back support, and stepping into a capsule, being shut inside and then dropped when the floor disappears. I barely had time to open my eyes before it was over, but enough time to swallow what felt like half the pool. We had a great day just having fun and enjoying the winter sunshine.

Here in Brisbane now and still enjoying that sun!


Alice and I were talking this morning whilst walking down Brisbane’s South Bank, about how nice this city is. Melbourne has its coffee and restaurants, Sydney its iconic landmarks, and Brisbane has, well i’m not sure. It’s just a really nice city. We haven’t even seen the whole city yet, but today was lovely just strolling along the South Bank enjoying the beautiful Parklands and Streets Beach.



^^ Strolling through the GOMA gardens ^^


^^ And through The Arbour with its magenta bougainvillea flowers ^^

DSC_0014 DSC_0026

^^ The Arbour winds its way along the South Bank of the river, adding pops of colour to the path. So pretty. ^^


^^ Streets Beach – the man-made beach along the river ^^

DSC_0033 DSC_0041

^^ Since we are off out for dinner tonight we thought we would have a light lunch and stopped to grab some buttered corn from a street seller ^^


^^ Super scrummy ^^

And I am so glad I went to dinner hungry! We’re loving the asian cuisine at the moment and this time went for a thai/southeast asian restaurant LONgTIME hidden down a little alley in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. I would highly recommend this place for its food and cocktails, but be prepared for a long wait. We didn’t mind the wait time as we had a few drinks under their outside heat-lamps, but the people arriving after us and being sat first was pretty annoying. Anyway I believe this is probably teething problems due to it only being open a relatively short time, and once you are inside it is worth the wait! The food was delicious, the atmosphere chilled and the staff attentive. All you want when dining out in my opinion.

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