Day 28 & 29 – Byron Bay

Here we go again. Back on the road for stage two of Alice and Emily’s road trip! We are here in Byron Bay and its sunny!!! I am so so happy to be back feeling the sun on my skin and out of those long sleeve tops and jeans that we have been constantly wearing for the past 3 weeks. We arrived and went straight to the beach. It’s not scorching hot but a pleasant heat to wear shorts and sit out and read your book for a few hours. And that is what we did. After the sun went down we headed in to town for dinner at a recommended Pizzeria called Il Buco. It was definitely worth the visit, the pizzas were amazing and the rocket salad a perfect accompaniment.

After spending nearly a year in Australia and never touching a surf board, we thought it was about time we saw what all the fuss is about. We booked on to a lesson and were pleased to arrive and find a nice group of beginners all with the same zero experience as ourselves.

We spent the first hour on the beach learning the motion of standing and balance etc. And then headed in to the sea to (hopefully) catch our first wave.DSC_2007



^^ Alice looking like a pro ^^


I completely surprised myself at how natural it felt. I am by no means saying I am now suddenly a pro. I know I am a long way off being able to venture from the baby waves in the shallows, but I was so surprised at how easily we picked it up and how many times we caught the wave standing the whole way into the shore. My posture could do with improvement but the balance and position was there. After enjoying it so much, we’re both just kicking ourselves for not trying it earlier!


^^ Mirror? ^^


^^ Standing… The race is on! ^^

DSC_2055 DSC_2098DSC_2148 DSC_2201DSC_2227

^^ Our group and brilliant instructor ^^


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