Day 27 – Horse Riding

On Tuesday we kept with the girls theme and decided to spend the morning horse riding at a local stables. My Auntie has been riding and has had horses of her own for most of her life. I remember sitting on the sofa arms on her saddles practising to ride when I was little, and so it was so nice to finally get chance to ride some real horses together. I used to ride a lot when I was younger but it has been a good 8 years since I was last on a horse so wasn’t sure how I would find it. But it all came back to me pretty quickly. It was like riding a bike, only difference being that your bike has a brain and sometimes wants to go right when you say left.


^^ This is my horse Barry ^^

It was a beautiful day and a great location. The trek took us through the bush along little trails and through streams. We had a couple of trots and canters (Barry was not so keen on cantering, but neither was I really so we were a good match). I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air and spending quality time with family.


IMG_4904 IMG_4943

^^ A little blurry unfortunately but a nice photo all the same ^^


The one thing I always remembered from riding was how much I ached afterwards. This time was no exception. The saddles were so so hard and have left me feeling rather bruised. You don’t feel like you are working hard at all and then you dismount and realise you have muscles in areas you never thought existed.

IMG_4921 IMG_4944 IMG_4978

^^ Alice and her horse Brumby ^^


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