Day 24 – 26 – A Few Days Spent With Family

After getting back from New Zealand we spent the last few days with family at my Aunties house up on the Central Coast. She lives on this beautiful plot of land, surrounded by bush land and fields, with her 5 horses grazing in the fields. It’s a perfect retreat and rest for us after spending nearly three weeks living in a camper van.

We had a lovely day on Saturday with friends coming over for a bonfire and food, and a game of Two-Up. We were introduced to the game on Anzac Day and thought it was good fun so decided to recreate our own version of the game at home with instant scratch cards. It proved to be a big hit with everyone so will definitely be taking the game back with us to England to play at family gatherings.


^^ It was a beautiful sunset ^^



^^ They have so many amazing citrus trees including this mandarin tree which produces the sweetest little fruit ^^


On Monday we had a girls lunch with our Auntie in Woy Woy at the Fishermen’s Wharf. We had a delicious lunch of fresh caught fish and chips, while we watched the pelicans out on the wharf.


DSC_0239 DSC_0253

We were in time to see them being fed and so managed to snap a few good photographs. It’s crazy how big they are close up, and to see them swallow those huge fish was just insane! Some of them looked like they were struggling so much holding them in their jaw. They really are odd looking birds!

DSC_0254 DSC_0257 DSC_0260

^^ Down it goes ^^

DSC_0269 DSC_0275

^^ Excuse me sir you have a little tail on your beak ^^


^^ The size of some of the fish they were being fed were so big. This ended up being dropped and lost thankfully as I can’t imagine that being pleasant to swallow ^^

DSC_0285 DSC_0301

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