Day 22 – Auckland

We dropped our Jucy off this morning. It was mixed emotions. Part of me loved sleeping in a warm, comfy bed last night in our hotel room. But part of me was missing our little routine in our van that we had down so well. But we bid farewell to it and focused on our next mission, breakfast!


^^ Our hostel was on Emily Place so of course I needed to pose next to the sign ^^

We have been really lucky with eating out. Alice is really good at taking time to search through the review sites online at where is best, and so today was a little off day for us. We had read that Ponsonby was a nice area and there were a few recommended café’s that looked nice. We made the mistake of walking there which was a lot further than we had anticipated and so when we arrived were so desperate for food we chose the first place that looked good. We chose the orange pancakes with fruit, and the rhubarb and ginger porridge, which sounded lovely on the menu, but was a little disappointing when it arrived. But it filled a hole and set us up for the day, and we got to have a wander around Ponsonby which was nice. However we decided we had walked enough for one morning and caught a bus back down into the city centre and headed to the marina to look at the boats.


DSC_0010 DSC_0011


^^ Wandering through the marina checking out the huge yachts ^^

DSC_0021 DSC_0025

^^ The sun was out and the cocktails were calling, so we took a seat to catch some rays and enjoy a beverage at the docks ^^

By dinner that evening we had got over our eating out glitch and were back on track in choosing another great eatery. The ‘Depot’ was highly recommended and so we thought we would check it out for our final dinner. After a little wait in which we filled the time with some wine drinking, we were shown to our bar seats. The menu again was geared towards sharing and so we chose a few dishes to try. Neither of us had tried clams before and so we went for the squid ink linguine with clams, which were lovely. As were the 3 other dishes that we tried. The combination of a warm restaurant, good red wine, delicious food, and sisterly company, it was a perfect last evening in New Zealand.

It has been a busy few weeks, none stop and packed full, but the perfect trip. New Zealand is now one of my favourite countries, and one that I will definitely be back to explore more. This trip was just a snippet into what this country has to offer, I can’t wait to come back and see more.

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