Day 20 – The day we went to Middle Earth {aka Hobbiton}

This day was so unbelievably good!! Compared to the level of fan obsession some people have with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books/films, my fanatic level is probably only tipping the scale. But it’s up there with the big fans, especially when it comes to the films. I love them. For the whole time whilst we’ve been travelling around New Zealand, we have been keeping a look out for locations used in the films, and jump at any chance to listen to someone tell a story about the filming of the movies. So today was a big day for us…We went to Hobbiton


The set is located within private farm land and so all visits to the ‘Shire’ are done through a tour company. Like with a lot of the organised tours that we have done, we didn’t really know what to expect. Would we have chance to take photographs? Would it be crammed with other tourists all trying to fit down Bag End? Plus the forecast was a bit sketchy and we felt a few spits of rain as we pulled in to the car park. But luck was upon us and we managed to avoid the rain and stay dry the entire tour. Hooray!!


^^ We half expected to see Gandalf turning the corner with his pony and trap ^^

The tours were each staggered by 30 minutes and so it meant you could take plenty of photographs of the Shire and the little Hobbit houses without it being too crowded. DSC_0032



^^ East Farthing  West Farthing ^^


^^ A Hobbit-sized vegetable patch ^^


^^ And a hobbit-sized ladder to pick those apples ^^



^^ You can see why Peter Jackson picked this location for filming. It’s like it’s made for Hobbits ^^



^^ The fishmongers house ^^


If you are looking at this post and thinking whoa photograph overload. Too many Hobbit houses!! Well you are wrong. You cannot have too much of Hobbiton. I went and spent the whole morning looking at these tiny, perfect houses and I still cannot get enough of them. The detail they have gone into to design and stage these houses are amazing. Each house comes with its own story of who lived there and has its own little props beside the doors. Even if you have never seen any of the films, I’d challenge anyone to come here and not be won over by the detail and beauty of this little village.


^^ Details like painting the fences to appear aged, are just some of the extra snippets that we were told regarding the making of the sets. So many little details! ^^


^^ Who lives at this yellow door? Well it’s Samwise Gamgee of course! ^^DSC_0065

DSC_0136 DSC_0132

^^ Anybody home?? ^^


^^ Knock Knock ^^


^^ no admittance… except on party business ^^


^^ Bilbo’s House ^^

DSC_0109 DSC_0099

^^ That view ^^


^^ Hobbit sheep ^^


^^ The Bee-keepers House ^^



^^ Those tiny clothes on the line ^^


We stopped for a drink at the Green Dragon Inn for a Sackville Cider and a Frogmorton Ginger beer. It really feels like a hobbit hole with authentic décor and a roaring fire to make it feel all warm and cosy.


^^ Green Dragon Inn Hobbiton ^^



^^ The Green Dragon Inn ^^




Next to Waitomo, off to find glow worms in some caves.

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