Day 19 – Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Today was a geographers dream. We went to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland to see some Geysers go off. It’s okay we didn’t know what one was either. And yes we were calling it a geezer, so were shocked to find a volcanic rock formation, and not Del Boy and Rodney. But we were impressed all the same.

We were told to arrive at 10.15am to witness the Lady Knox Geyser eruption, and so were confused as to how a natural occurrence could be so punctual. It turns out the people of Thermal Wonderland know a little trick or two to get it to erupt. A little soap like substance in its top will set off a reaction, shooting hot water high into the air.

DSC_0115^^ This is a geyser ^^



^^ And this is one erupting ^^

After witnessing the geyser, we headed into the park to wander around the other pools. These past few days in Rotorua, I’ve struggled a bit with the smell. The high sulphur content in these hot springs lets off an awful eggy smell that I can’t stand. Whether it is Alice’s medical training that has given her a stronger nose/stomach, but she doesn’t seem too fazed compared to myself. But even today’s smells had her gagging a bit.


^^ A hole full of hot bubbly mud ^^DSC_0163DSC_0201


^^ The Champagne Pools ^^DSC_0155


DSC_0190^^ Danger hot!! ^^


^^ I don’t think the chemicals that are being let off into the air can be too good for you. We didn’t linger too long in these whiffy areas ^^DSC_0187DSC_0188


^^ The colour doesn’t show up on this photo too well because of the sun, but this pool was such a vivid shade of green ^^


We stopped to see the Mud Pools on the way out. It was quite relaxing listening to the squelching mud bubble away. It certainly was relaxing having this stuff caked on our bodies the other day at the spa.



Off to Hobbiton tomorrow!!! I am so excited! So in preparation we are watching the Lord of the Rings film tonight with a takeaway pizza. Camping luxuries.


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