Day 14 & 15 – From South to North

Today we packed up and headed to Picton to catch the ferry across to start our adventures on the North Island. We drove aboard the ferry and after parking, quickly made our way up to the dining area to bag ourselves a window seat. However turns out these kiwi’s are pretty eager too and beat us to it. Anyway we found our seat and bought some lunch. We started off slowly, making our way through the channels between the little islands, and out into the open sea. This is where things started to go downhill. I have always suffered from travel sickness. Car, boat, plane, bus, train… you name it, I feel sick on it. So it was a bit stupid of me to not take any seasickness tablets beforehand, but after our bad experience with the stuff last week, I thought I’d risk it. We were only travelling between two islands, how rough can it be?  Turns out, very! It was not fun. I pretty much spent the whole 4 hour journey being sick or feeling like I was about it. Not fun. Thankfully I found the outside deck and a little nook to stand and get some sea air, and eventually managed to find my sea legs. I was feeling pretty rough and sorry for myself stood out there on the deck alone in the freezing winds. That was until I saw these poor cows. Now I say poor, but in fact they seemed pretty happy and not too stressed. But it can’t be fun being cooped up in a trailer full of shit whilst bobbing about at sea. If I felt motion sickness, god knows how they felt.

IMG_4818 IMG_4819


^^ First views of the North Island ^^


We arrived into Wellington and were straight into rush hour traffic. It has been such a shock to come from the quiet two lane roads on the South Island, to traffic jams stretching across three lane highways. And can I just say how disappointed we are after three days on the North Island and having passed a number of Jucy vans, only maybe one has waved back to us as we passed. This was such a big thing on the South, but obviously not so much here. That makes me sad. I did enjoy our little hello waves to fellow Jucy’s.

Anyway on to Wellington where we spent a day exploring the city sights. We caught the bus in from our camp site which proved to be really easy and saved us having to pack up the van. We went to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, and for a free museum it aint half bad. We went into the Gallipoli: The scale of our war exhibition which was really good. I don’t really know much about the Gallipoli landings so this was really interesting to read about, and some of the graphics, especially the giant models, were incredible.

IMG_3633^^ These giant models were made by Weta Workshop who also made a lot of the Lord of the Rings filming sets. These models were so realistic and the detail amazing ^^ IMG_3635 IMG_3636

^^ Even down to the sweat and facial hair was so detailed ^^


After the museum we headed out for dinner at a ‘Sweet Mother’s Kitchen’ which specialises in New Orleans style dished with Cajun and Creole flavours. We tried hush puppies which were so good, followed by Jerk Chicken, washed down with a cold beer (Alice) and a cider (me).

It was so cold in Wellington so those woolly hats that we bought for our Tongariro Crossing in a few days, were whipped out a little early. On to Whakapapa tomorrow to hopefully do the Tongariro Crossing.

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