Day 12 – Catching Up With An Old Friend & Mussel Eating

I met Mog (Matt) in Tignes, France, last year where we both worked in a ski chalet. As a kiwi, after leaving France he decided to move back to New Zealand, and we joked that when I was to come over this way we would meet up again. It was one of those promises that I really wanted to keep, but thought it was probably a slim chance we would both be in the same place at the same time, and would get around to arranging to meet up. But we did, and it was so so nice to see him again. It worked out perfectly to call into Nelson on our way through to Blenheim, and spend the day catching up and being shown around the town by a proper local. We met him and his family for brunch in Mapua, which was lovely, and then drove into Nelson for a walk up a very steep hill to ‘the centre of New Zealand’ (or the central survey point anyway).IMG_4799

^^ His family home had the nicest views across the bay towards the National Park ^^

We followed this with a well deserved drink(s) in a pub, where after a couple of ciders, we were very nearly persuaded to stay for a home cooked roast, but made the hard decision to stick to our original plan and drive to Blenheim (I was the sober, responsible driver, so don’t worry Mum). So we bade farewell to Mog and set off on the road again.

About half way to Blenheim we decided to stop in Havelock to check out their famous New Zealand Green Lipped mussels. The Mussel Pot is renowned for its mussels so we thought why not stop for dinner.


I really like mussels and the smaller ones we get back home. So I was curious as to whether I would like these giant ones quite so much.


Now after trying them, I wouldn’t say I disliked them. However I think what I enjoy about mussels is the sauce and that they aren’t too chewy. Who is going to say they really like to imagine eating a mussel. They aren’t the most attractive food so having to really contemplate eating them, the enjoyment is sort of taken away (for me anyway). So it was nice to try these mussels as they are local to this region, however I wouldn’t say I would be in a rush to have them again. The colour of the shells are beautiful though and very impressive compared to the little black tiddly ones that we get back home.

Here in Blenheim now, up early again tomorrow for some wine tasting…

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