Day 8 – Omarama to Leithfield Beach

Today was mostly a driving day, getting from Omarama to Leithfield Beach where we had seen an okay camp site. Alice started off the driving towards Lake Tekapo. The drive the previous day had been so easy and so we were shocked to find it so difficult to drive today as the wind had really picked up during the night. The van is 3 metres tall and so we really felt the wind when we were driving through the open moor lands. It slowed down our journey a little but that just meant we had longer to take in the amazing views along the way.


^^ Lake Pukaki ^^

DSC_0004 DSC_0006

We stopped for a quick stretch of the legs at Lake Pukaki close to Mount Cook, and ended up stumbling across Mt Cook Alpine Salmon shop, where after a taster of their hot smoked salmon, we decided to buy a little for our dinner that evening.


^^ The amazing blue colour of the lake is created by glacial flour, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the glacier ^^


^^ Lake Pukaki ^^

DSC_0018 DSC_0031 - Copy

^^ Sheep crossing ^^


^^ I will never tire of this view ^^


^^ First glimpse of Lake Tekapo ^^


^^ We stopped for a cup of tea and biscuit looking out over the lake ^^



^^ Church of the Good Shepherd ^^

DSC_0050 DSC_0057

We carried on through the mountains and ended up staying the night just north of Christchurch in Leithfield Beach. The camp site was okay for one night. It was sort of my mistake as I did agree to the sea-view pitch, but I hadn’t realised how secluded the pitch was. Lets just say I don’t think Alice and I will be staying in any of the free DOC camp sites. This was secluded enough and it really wasn’t that bad. What is it about an old caravan and a creaky awning that is so scary?! Add sea wind and a forest adjacent, and I was triple checking those locks on the door and securing the curtains with clips. I was thankful to be out of there in the morning.

On to Kaikoura tomorrow and whale watching so fingers crossed we see those whales!

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