Day 6 and 7 – Queenstown and Jucy Camper {Part 1}

Day 6 – After spending all of yesterday out at Milford Sound, we decided to spend today exploring Queenstown. The weather was not as jolly as we had hoped. The heavens opened and it poured with rain all morning. After trying to ‘let it pass’ and waiting and watching the rain from the warmth of our beds, we decided to just brave it and headed out. I was really surprised to get a feeling of homesickness as I walked through the streets and looked up to that big ski station atop the mountain. After living in Tignes in the beautiful French Alps all of last year, I guess I didn’t realise how much I miss it and the people I’ve left behind there. But emotions aside, Queenstown really is a stunning place. I would love to see it with less rain; during the middle of winter when it is covered in snow, verses dry sunny summer. However the autumnal colours that the trees are showing at this time of year are beautiful.


^^ Not the best image or weather, but take my word for it, Queenstown is very nice ^^

We had a walk around the town, nipping down the alleyways and checking out all the nice walking/ski/board shops. But after a while the rain became a little too much so we ducked into a cafe for coffee and carrot cake. On our way back to the hostel we passed a doorway into a pub, that with its roaring fire, cosy dark seats, lured us inside for a mulled wine. Oh how I’ve missed mulled wine!

Later that evening we ventured back out in search for dinner and came across a place called Eichardt’s. We had read online about their famous Seafood Chowder on their tapas menu, and so decided to give it a go. And boy am I glad we did! Every dish we tried was so good, and just a really nice atmosphere to sit, relax and leisurely dine. Plus the cocktails we had were equally as amazing. I went for a cucumber infused vodka, lime and sparkling fizz, and Alice a posh sangria of strawberry vodka, rhubarb, and rosé.

Day 7 and Day 1 of the Jucy Camper Van!!

We picked up the camper van this morning and after a quick stop to stock up on groceries, we were on our way!

Alice drove the first leg of the journey to Wanaka where we planned to stop at Puzzling World for a little maze fun and puzzling.


The inside rooms were full of strange illusions that had Alice and I very confused. Especially this tilted room which totally befuddled us and made me feel quite sick.DSC_0189



^^ This just looks like we were sat on a seat sliding downhill, but in fact we were sliding up hill (which was actually downhill…Gahh I’m confused!) 



^^ Nope we haven’t just become amazing at the ‘chair’ yoga pose ^^


^^ Classic ‘I’m falling’ pose ^^

Next are just some of the crazy illusions…







^^ Do you see pillars or people? ^^


^^ Alice In Wonderland room ^^

And then on to the second section, the maze! Now I actually laughed at the sign saying 60-90 minutes to complete the maze. As if we would spend that long lost in a maze… well we did, maybe even longer. The aim of the maze was to find your way to each coloured corner; yellow, blue, green, then red. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat! It took us half the time to just find our way into the first yellow corner. Dead-ends, staircases and balconies that took you all over the place. We spent so long inside trying to get to the next corner, that an ice cream break was required half way through. But finally we made it to the end, hooray!!



^^ Celebratory photo at the yellow corner!! ^^


^^ Blue! ^^


^^ Green ^^


^^ Red ^^


^^ We made it!! ^^



^^ Playing around ^^

DSC_0252DSC_0255^^ Until we got pissy with the tourists in the background ^^

{Part 2 – I took too many photographs so instead of boring you I have split them into two posts – tomorrow for the Jucy camper drive to Omarama}

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