Day 5 – Milford Sound

Another early morning, 6:30am start today. It was still dark when the alarm went off, making it just that little bit harder to drag myself out of bed. But after a quick shower, breakfast, we were out the door to catch our coach. We had booked on to the Jucy tour coach which would take us there and back to Milford Sound, including the cruise around the fiord.

DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0017

Once we set off the driver started to chat about the surroundings and pointing out landmarks and history etc. I must admit at first I wasn’t too sure about it all, the ‘say hello and talk to the people sat behind you’, all started to feel a little too interactive for my liking and I was worried it would be like this the whole way. However I soon realised I was totally wrong about him. He was brilliant! He knew so much about the area, telling us old Maori tales and history of the places we passed through. It was a long old journey, nearly 6 hours to get there, so the humorous commentary was a saviour from stopping the boredom setting in. Not that the views and sights along the way would have bored us. The landscape changed from lakes and fields, to dense forest, to open mountains with snowy peaks. So much to see in just one journey.

DSC_0025 DSC_0030

^^ Mirror Lakes ^^

DSC_0040 DSC_0076

^^ Surely the coach is too tall to fit into the tunnel! ^^


^^ Alice was very proud of this photograph. She has now taken over as photographer ^^


^^ Sarcastic British with their anoraks and cups of tea (we practically ran for the free tea the minute we set foot on the boat) ^^


^^ Yes, I have two cups of tea, and what?! ^^


The Milford Sound cruise itself took us all the way around the fiord, right out into the open sea and back around the outer edges to take a closer look at the cliff face and those amazing waterfalls.

DSC_0122 DSC_0125

^^ My borrowed coat is a little on the large size for moi. But provides lots of hilarity when caught in a gust of wind ^^ 


^^ We even spotted a seal just lazing atop a rock ^^


The journey back could have been a real drag, 5 hours on a coach when all you want to do is get home and be inside in the warmth. But again this coach trip exceeded expectations. A little snooze, some Craig David on the radio, and a film to fill in the last 2 hours, the journey went relatively fast (I see why you and Grandad are fans of a coach trip now Granny!). Again another reason why our driver was so cool, he popped a film on for us to watch for the last 2 hours, finishing the minute we arrived in to Queenstown (I’m thinking he’s done this before). On his recommendation we watch The World’s Fastest Indian, a film that I feel like I might have seen bits of before, yet couldn’t remember at all, which turned out to be a really really good film (Dad if you haven’t seen it, which I’m sure you probably have, I recommend this one for you).

And so here I am, back at the hostel, first trip to the laundrette done (riveting info I know), and ready for a long old sleep to recharge for another day sightseeing tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Milford Sound

    1. Yes it did! Thankfully we had seen a boat in front heading right under the waterfall and so managed to jump inside before we got soaked. There were lots of other people though who weren’t so prepared and so came rushing inside very wet and very cold! Will check out your post, it’s nice to read about other people’s experiences too 🙂


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