Day 4 – Fox Glacier

Today we got up and headed out of Franz Josef towards the Fox Glacier. The weather was miserable and drizzly, however we were determined to see the glacier and so layered up and put on those walking boots. After a short drive where we cranked up those heated seats in the car (passing two hitch hikers on the way, where we felt terrible for not stopping as they stood there soaking and we cruised by in the cosy car warming our butts. But they didn’t look like Celine Dion fans and well we weren’t prepared to turn it off on account of them. Sorry hitchers, I hope you got a lift in the end!). Anyway we soon arrived at the very wet Fox Glacier and braved the wind and rain for a glimpse of that famous glacier…

… Yup, no photographs. We didn’t take a single photo, not even of the clouds that hung so low we could hardly make out the outline of the mountain in front of us. It was so wet and windy, even braving taking the camera out to snap a photograph of the cloud would have been foolish. So we didn’t. We walked to the end of the track to find the path to the glacier closed (surprise surprise), read a quick information sign, and ran back to the safety and warmth of the car. It wasn’t a wasted journey though. We did get to see this lake that was such an amazing colour.


We continued on the road toward Queenstown, stopping along the way at viewpoints and lookouts to stretch our legs.


^^ Thunder Falls ^^


Since New Zealand is so famous for its seafood, we have been researching online as to where is best to stop and try along on the way. And it just so happened that Alice looked the night before at where is good for whitebait around these parts, and Curly Tree Whitebait Company, came up top and was on our way! Now for people who aren’t a fish fan, these don’t look the most appetising things. But I assure you they were amazing. Whitebait fried in egg, with salt and lemon juice, delicious! I’ve never had them served like this before, but they were so so good. And the woman who owned the company was just so lovely and offered to take our photograph with their sign, we ended up buying one more for the road!


^^ Chatting to fellow travellers ^^


^^ Whitebait Patties ^^


It was a long day of driving, of which Alice did most of. But with a few stops and good music, we arrived into Queenstown later that evening in good spirits. We were sad to say goodbye to the car, but next vehicle is the Jucy camper van…I’m sure it will be just as luxury… right?!

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