Reflecting & Last day of work

This weekend is our last spent living in our little suburb of Freshwater, and technically the last time I will be ‘living’ in Australia. From Tuesday, Alice and I are hitting the road again, this time for two months, before we fly back home to England at the end of June.

The prospect of this really has me feeling confused and truthfully I’m not sure how I feel. Some days I forget and the sudden realisation that we are leaving our little flat, our home for the six months (Alice’s for a year) hits me and I feel like crying. If I feel sentimental and sad about leaving, then I can’t imagine what Alice is feeling after being here nearly a year longer than myself.

The part of me that misses my home, family, boyfriend and friends, is excited that the date of departure is getting closer. The part of me that looks back over the past 6 months and thinks ‘where has the time gone!!’, is feeling a little more reluctant for this adventure to end. The next two months are going to be amazing and every day I remind myself of all the exciting things we have planned, places to go and things to see. It hasn’t even begun and I’m already fearing it being over. But I guess this is why I’m enjoying writing this blog so much. It makes me take time and reflect on my days and jot down my experiences so that when this is all over and I’m home, I can look back over my photographs and read all about our trip to re-live those memories.

{Last day of work}

Yesterday I had my final day at work. I was quite apprehensive as to what to expect as a few hints had been dropped of things planned and speeches to be made. For someone who doesn’t like attention and would happily sneak away without anyone seeing, I was a little nervous of the day ahead. However, looking back now, I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer last day. The last few months have been great. Like I’ve mentioned before, yes I was tired, and yes the work was tedious and boring at times. But the friends I’ve made and the memories they’ve given me, really have made my trip.

On Thursday my little premium team, presented me with the sweetest gifts and a card. I really didn’t expect anything from them and so this was so generous of them and so appreciated!


^^ There will be no chance of that ^^


This group of people really are the nicest, I really feel so grateful that I had the pleasure of working with them. With the powers of today’s social media, I can safely say we will be staying in touch.


^^ Gifts Galore – Flowers, wine, perfume & make-up… they really did spoil me ^^

So my last day went something like this…

A little work in the morning, sending emails and tidying up my last lot of policies and folders.

Then to lunch with the team (And toot toot {that’s me blowing my own trumpet}, but it was quite a turnout for lunch, I honestly was expecting 5 people to come, but we managed to gather together the whole team + extras). Lunch soon turned into afternoon drinks, which turned into never going back to work. The usual goodie goodie me would have definitely gone back in the fear of getting in trouble, but since I was leaving anyway, I was reckless Emily and gratefully accepted the new glass of wine that was placed into my hand.

We headed back to work at 4 for cake and speeches, and for me to gather my belongings. And turns out those speeches and attention that I was so nervous about, are much less nerve-racking after 4 glasses of red wine. There was a quick giving of a card and a little speech given by two of my managers, who said the kindest words and who I am so grateful to have worked with. I just had time to fling my key-card down and grab my mug off my desk, before I was ushered out the door with the insistence that we must proceed to the pub next door to carry on drinking. And drink we did.


Yesterday got me reflecting on the last few months and made me realise how great these people are and how lucky I am to have found a job that allowed me to meet so many funny and lovely people.

This really is what travelling is all about.

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