Taronga Zoo

Since a couple of years ago when Alice and I went to London Zoo together (which was brilliant, one of my favourite days ever!), I just get so excited when there is a zoo near that I can visit. And Taronga zoo was no exception. Ever since I moved here, it has been top on my list of things to do, and thankfully last weekend we finally found a day that Alice and I were both off work and could go at last!

Located right on the waters edge, opposite Circular Quays, we jumped aboard the Sydney Eco Hopper and made our way across the harbour. The weather was awful. It was that sort of drizzly, grey, miserable weather that soaks you right through and you never warm up. I nearly suggested, well I might have actually suggested, that we just turn around and go home to spend the day under a duvet in the warmth. But even though that was tempting, we persevered for the sake of the animals. If they can come out, then so can we. And they did!

I think the cooler temperature actually encouraged more of the animals to come out into the outside enclosures. And after a cup of tea when we arrived to warm us up, the weather no longer bothered me that much. Its amazing what a cup of tea and a sighting of an elephant can do! Who cares if you have frizzy hair when there are animals to see!

DSC_0001 - Copy

^^ Koala-Lou ^^



^^ That is one big snake ^^

DSC_0010 DSC_0016

^^ Star Tortoise ^^


^^ I spy the Opera House ^^



^^ Oh the baby is so cute it makes my teeth hurt ^^


^^ It was so fascinating watching the chimpanzees and their behaviour. This old gentleman for example just took himself off for some quiet time away from the youngsters. I could have watched him all day ^^


^^ Again so interesting to watch the way they interact with each other. Us humans have leant a lot from these primates ^^



^^ Not technically an animal we came to see, but sweet all the same ^^


^^ A Bongo Antelope ^^



^^ Not a bad view for a mountain goat ^^


^^ A BEAR!!! I’ve never seen a bear before so this was very exciting ^^


^^ Prowling her territory ^^


^^ The Tapir taking a rest in the shade ^^


^^ Oh my goodness these little Meerkat’s were the sweetest things. So inquisitive! ^^


The Seal Show – This little section deserves its own title. 

DSC_0077 - Copy

^^ The relationship between the seals and their trainers were incredible. Here is a seal doing a hand{flipper}stand ^^


^^ Waving hello ^^


^^ Gives you water-polo players a run for your money ^^

DSC_0091 DSC_0094

^^ And of course you have to end the show with a back-flip ^^


^^ Umm so yeah. I have no words to describe this bird other than frickin’ amazing! How does a bird have so many colourful feathers! I mean, there is tiger print in there! The Golden Pheasant is my new favourite bird ^^


^^ And you are pretty cool too ^^ 


^^ Okay and you guys as well ^^

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