Pineapple Baby!!

DSC_0124 So it was an emotional day here last Wednesday. The day had arrived to made the hard decision to finally eat our baby pineapple. We had been putting it off, convincing ourselves that its droopy leaves would perk back up again, and it’s yellowish tinge would go green again. But we had to face the truth that it was ripening up pretty quickly and we would soon have to eat the little thing. I know that when you grow fruit and vegetables, the general idea is to eat them eventually. But, and I know it’s weird, I sometimes get attached to certain inanimate objects, which makes throwing things away or in this case eating said object, really difficult. Anyway with this I wasn’t alone. Both Alice and I had grown pretty fond of our little pineapple and watching it grow, so to chop it up and eat it was pretty sad. However as soon as we tried that little pineapple the guilt soon disappeared and was replaced with such a sense of achievement. It was so sweet and tasted so good! We have tried to replant the top as we read somewhere that if you do this it will continue to grow and eventually produce another pineapple. I doubt this will be during our time here, but we plan on re-homing our little plant with our Aunty and so we hope in the future it may spring again.

DSC_0130 DSC_0139

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