Summer Bay aka Palm Beach

So this was high on my list of places to visit. Not only is it a really lovely beach and little town to visit, it is of course the home of HOME AND AWAY!!!! We planned our trip for the Sunday after The Blue Mountains. We begun our visit with brunch at The Boat House (aka The Pier Diner), followed by a walk up to the famous  Barrenjoey Lighthouse. We were lucky with the weather all weekend, and managed to avoid getting caught in any major downpours (until we got home). It was a little windy sat having lunch but still a pleasant temperature to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view.

Driving along the Northern Beaches towards Palm Beach, I realised how much I love this side of Sydney. Alice and I both realised that the reason why we love it so much is that each little suburb really feels like a village and a community rather than just a street with houses on, or too commercial like the Eastern Beaches can sometimes feel. It is also so lush and green over our way which in my view makes the landscape all the more prettier.

So once we arrived at Palm Beach we went straight to The Boat House for lunch, and let me tell you, this place is right up my street! The building and interior itself was beautiful. Very nautical, beachy, with lots of weathered white wood which I just love. The outside veranda was scattered with old rusty lobster pots and rope hung through the banisters, and even an old rusty tin bath which looked right at home. It was nothing like the Home and Away Diner that we see on screen but once there I recognised snippets that are used and so now makes watching the programme even better.

DSC_0002 DSC_0006DSC_0004 DSC_0005  ^^ Bucks Fizz in the sun ^^


^^ Even the wash basin was worth photographing. I love the copper pipe tap ^^DSC_0010^^ Alice had the trout board. Delicious ^^DSC_0011 ^^ Mmm burger with chunky chips & home-made relish ^^DSC_0013^^ We’re getting better at asking people to take our photo, which a very kind gentleman did for us then. It is so nice to have photographs of us together ^^

DSC_0015^^ Oh how I long to have my hair coloured again. It looks almost brown in this photograph! It’s crazy how dark my natural blonde has become over the years ^^DSC_0023  ^^ Standing on the famous pier that is so often shown in H&A ^^

DSC_0030 DSC_0033 DSC_0035 DSC_0037^^ Those lovely old lobster pots and glass rope buoys that fit the setting so well ^^DSC_0041^^ Alf’s Bait Shop ^^DSC_0056 DSC_0058^^ Having a ‘contemplating life’ moment, as seen on H&A daily ^^DSC_0059^^ Club Patron: A. Stewart  ^^DSC_0063^^ ALERT: Huge H&A fan present ^^DSC_0064^^ No embarrassment here! I can’t say the same for how Alice felt ^^DSC_0065 DSC_0071^^ I’d like that house nestled in the trees please! ^^DSC_0076^^ The regrowth of the 2013 bush fires ^^


^^ Such amazing patterns in the rock ^^


^^ We only realised that day that ‘Palm Beach’ is probably named after its birds-eye-view shape of a palm tree. Duh! ^^


^^ The Barrenjoey Lighthouse ^^DSC_0106^^ So amazing, yet creepy the way the wood creaked in the wind ^^DSC_0108^^ Shows just how close the fire came to the lighthouse ^^DSC_0120

^^ I had to include this photograph. This is us sat in the car waiting for the torrential downpour to ease. It started within seconds and continued to pour for a good hour. I just felt sorry for the people who left their washing out on the line ^^

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