Things I love:

I’ve struggled a bit this week with getting up for work and staying positive throughout the day. I’ve just been so tired, to the point where I worry I will miss my stop on my bus as I think I might fall asleep! That feeling when your eyelids feel like they have weights on them and whatever you try and do, you can’t even pinch yourself to stay awake. Trust me I tried.

I think my tiredness and longing for the weekend is because last weekend was so jam packed and busy, that I didn’t sleep in or just relax. It was worth it though as we had such a fun weekend, and who needs to be awake at work anyway?!

But along with the tiredness comes the familiar grumpy mood and resentment of this job that makes me get up at 5.45am! 5.45 AM!!! And I so often find myself grumbling to myself about work and end up making myself determined to have a bad day. The truth is, I am so grateful for this job. It is not a bad job in any way. In fact it is exactly what I hoped to get out here. Easy, good pay, and I’ve even met some great people through it. This job is my ticket to travelling, and so I really have no reason to moan. Yes I’m tired, yes the job is tedious, and yes these last few months haven’t been filled with exciting travels. But I’m still in this amazing country, for which I feel so lucky to be able to live in.

So as a reminder of why I love living in Australia, I like to take note of all the fun, different things, that Australia has to offer. So that when I finally have to leave (boooo hoooo) I can look back and think of all the great things I discovered on my travels.

So here are just a few things that I love about Australia:

  1. The sea – of course this is top of the list. Having never lived by the sea before, this novelty has yet to wear off. Having the opportunity to walk to the end of the road and straight onto the beach is a luxury I will never forget.
  2. The weather – So I have a love hate relationship with the weather in Australia (and truthfully, everywhere). Since being here I have experienced the scorching summer heat, and let me tell you, being out in that heat is not pleasant in any way. However when you have the sea to cool off in, it becomes the best weather and that golden tan you get from it, is just the best. Alternatively the storms we have experienced out here, are just amazing. There was that one time I got caught unexpectedly out walking when the thunder and lightening struck and I jumped a mile feeling like the lightening crack was right above me. That was scary and not fun! But generally we have enjoyed watching the storms from the safety of our apartment, and boy oh boy those lightening strikes are something else!
  3. Flip Flops – Or Thongs as they are called out here. Just being able to wear these all year round instead of stuffy, clumpy shoes, is just so good. My feet feel liberated!
  4. Birds – I love our English birds. Robins, Swallows, Woodpeckers. But out here we get Kookaburras, Cockatoo’s and Rainbow Lorikeets. It never ceases to amaze me seeing one flying through the trees or landing on our balcony railings.
  5. Mangos – They are the best I have ever tasted. Enough said.
  6. People – Minus a few exceptions, in general I have found everybody here to be really nice. Especially the wait staff in restaurants, or bartenders, or bus drivers. They are all so kind and happy to help, which really makes a difference to your day, or dinner out etc.
  7. Hair spray – So this is a personal one. Thank you Australia for stocking my favourite John Freda hair spray that England so rudely discontinued. My suitcase will be full with bottles to bring home with me.
  8. Breakfast – Well eating out in general really. But breakfast in particular is so good here. And the best part is, it is such good value so eating out doesn’t always feel like a big splurge.
  9. Jeep Wranglers – So this isn’t specifically an Aussie thing, but everybody here has these cars and I just love them. Since having one in France over summer, these cool cars are now my ‘I want one’ car. With the roof on, or taken off, they are just so nice and I must admit, all the cool kids drive them so I want one!
  10.  Clothes – I do miss certain items of clothings still sat at home in my wardrobe. But there is something so nice about having a small wardrobe. I’ve been living in shorts, T’s and flip flops since being here and it is just so nice. Not only is it super comfy, that sun I mentioned has given my pins a nice golden glow which I am desperate to hang on to even now when the weather has cooled. You’ll see me rocking the denim shorts right through till July!

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