{Back To The Beginning} The Melbourne Cup

As I mentioned before in the last post, we combined the Great Ocean Road trip with going to the Melbourne Cup. I have never been to a proper horse racing event and so it was something I was really looking forward to. We had our tickets book months before I came out here, and so I knew to bring a fancy dress and some heels. I chose to wear a French Connection dress that I bought to wear to a wedding last summer. I just love it and there is something nice about wearing a pretty dress and a fascinator, it makes me feel all fancy.

We placed a few bets but didn’t win a single penny! We did choose the horses based on their names and how amusing they were, so the odds were probably slightly against us to begin with. Anywhooo, it’s all part of the fun and we had a really great day!

Here our some photographs of our day.

IMG_3212 IMG_3213

^^ Alice & Nadia in their pretty frocks looking very glam  ^^


^^The winner’s enclosure & award presentations ^^

^^Beautiful rose trellis while we wait in line for a taxi ^^


^^ The dress & fascinator ^^


^^ Sister Selfie ^^


^^ Beauties Alice & Nadia ^^

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