Lent – Day 21

Day 21 – To water the plants

Around Christmas time we went to the garden centre to buy our ‘Christmas Tree’ and stocked up on a few herbs for the balcony. Since everything is a little upside-down for us here, we decided to buy a lemon or lime tree instead of the traditional fir that we are used to back home. We couldn’t decide which we wanted, did we prefer lime in our gin & tonics, or lemon? Well problem solved, a Lemon/Lime Splitzer! That is half lemon, half lime, on one plant. Genius!

Along with Alice’s newly bought Pineapple plant, which soon became the flat ‘pet’, our balcony was soon looking lush and providing us with plenty of fresh mint to serve with our Pimms.

DSC_0333 DSC_0236

^^ Little Pineapple … Wearing a Christmas Pud ^^



^^ These were taken back when we first bought them, and the novelty of owning plants hadn’t yet worn off. I can’t face taking photographs of them now. Lets just say they are looking a little less lush, and more on the brown side. Our basil is completely dead, the mint has faired better, but still is in a sorry state. The chilli’s, rosemary, lemon/lime and pineapple, are hanging in there. But are all looking a little droopy and in need of some tlc. I couldn’t face it if we lost the pineapple, it really has become our pride and joy, and would feel like we had killed our pet if we let it die. And so I am getting my act together and going to make sure we water them regularly and move them into the sun to catch some rays. I really hope I can bring them back to health! ^^

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