Lent – Day 20

Day 20 – Explore the different settings on my camera

So I’ve had my new Nikon D3300 camera now since Christmas and think I am doing pretty well at getting to grips with it’s settings. I have started to play around and experiment with the aperture and lighting, which I am pleased with. But I still feel like I could know more about the other settings, especially the filters and effects. Some of them, such as the ‘HDR Painting’ mode or the ‘sketch’ mode, are a little too drastic. But it is fun to experiment and see how the effects can change and bring out the colours in the photographs.

DSC_0122 (2) DSC_0014

^^ The Photo Illustration effect is so much fun ^^


^^ The Super Vivid & POP effect can sometime be a little over the top, but with these flowers it was great and gave them such an amazing burst of colour ^^

photo illustration DSC_0002

  1. ^^ The HDR Painting is similar to the Sketch effect. Both really eye-catching. ^^
  2. ^^ Just a little playing around with the aperture and focus. I love the crispness of a good camera ^^

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