Back to the beginning {The Great Ocean Road}

Back in November when I first arrived here in Australia, the first real trip I went on was to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup. We decided rather than just going that way for a weekend, we would make a week of it and include driving the Great Ocean Road. Our trip started in windy Melbourne, from there we hired a car and began our journey. We had a few teething issues with the car before we could set off. ‘We’ve upgraded you’ they said, ‘to an automatic!’ From the point of three manual drivers, we weren’t quite sure we saw this an upgrade or not. Luckily Alice had used another previous trip as her guinea-pig and so had a little experience driving automatic. After struggling with the gears the first time and making the mistake of driving at 60mph in first gear, she thankfully knew what to expect and after a quick test drive around the car park we were on our way. (The automatic actually proved to be great and so useful on the winding coastal roads. We are now a fan of the automatic)

First stop – Lorne.

Here we lunched at The Bottle Of Milk, and had the best burger and fries.

Along the way we stopped at various points to enjoy the view and stretch our legs. One place we stopped (I can’t remember the exact name) we parked up and decided on a stroll through the bush where we were told it was good place for koala spotting. No sooner had we parked up, we spotted our first koala. Sat right there in a tree in the car park. Surely it had been put there, right?! for the tourists like us to gawp at and take some photos. We were sceptical whether we would see any more, however after a short walk up into the wood/bush, it was soon ‘Ooo I see one… and another, and another…’. It was really good to see them in their natural habit, just hanging out in those big eucalyptus trees eating the leaves in between napping.


From there we carried on to our first stopover in Apollo Bay. We were booked in to the YHA here, which turned out to be lovely. Such a nice hostel, and such friendly staff. The building has a beautiful design, all metal and wood, and very modern. We had the best evening in eating nibbles and playing the greatest board game ever!  The game The Worst Case Scenario, is the funniest game, we were in fits of laughter, tears, stitch, kind of laughter. Not sure what our fellow hostellers thought, but after we finished a group sat near us asked if they could have a play. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Day 2 took us on to Port Campbell and the iconic Twelve Apostles. It rained during the morning on and off, but thankfully the skies cleared and on the way we enjoyed two lovely walks.

IMG_3123 IMG_3125

^^ It was a little blustery ^^

IMG_3147 IMG_3148

^^ A little detour took us down ‘Wait-A-While’ road ^^

IMG_3152 IMG_3129

^^ Australia has the best of both. Woodland, and coastline ^^

The Twelve Apostles 

IMG_3166 IMG_3171

^^ We actually made two trips to see the Apostles, dusk and the next morning ^^

IMG_3181 IMG_3184

^^ It was a little chilly . Anorak selfie ^^

IMG_3188 IMG_3189

^^ Amazing coastline in the morning sun ^^

IMG_3190 IMG_3197

^^ A additional apostle soon maybe? ^^

IMG_3200 IMG_3201

^^ We saw many a blow-hole along the way ^^

IMG_3203 IMG_3207

^^ London Bridge (or what is left of it) ^^


^^ Kangaroos just grazing in a field. We were told that if we went at dawn we would likely see some kangaroos. We did not expect to see this many!! We watched two boxing. It was very special ^^

Day 3 – We continued on our journey to Port Fairy where we had a lovely day admiring the beautiful houses there. It is such a nice place, with a very Ye Olde sort of feel with its wide streets and old shops. I wish I had taken more photographs but this trip was pre-Nikon and so I wasn’t able to snap as many as I would have like. Now I have my new camera, I am learning to just take as many photographs as possible. I can always edit and delete them later, but I am already forgetting parts of this trip which I wish I had captured forever with a photograph. Lesson learnt!

Next post – Melbourne Cup 

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