Lent – Day 17

Day 17 – Create interesting and different food to take for lunch at work 

^^ I spend my mornings watching the sunrise instead of making my lunch. I think it’s a pretty good excuse ^^

So this post is a little rushed and boring. I am having to quickly type it up before work as I know I won’t have time tonight as we are going out and I didn’t want that to be an excuse for not continuing with the daily lent posts. 

So this post should really be just a generally ‘prepare for the day better’ task as I’ve slipped into a bad habit of leaving everything until last minute. Choosing what to wear, ironing chosen outfit, making lunch… This list goes on. The last point, lunch, is the most rushed and neglected part of my morning. It usually consists of smearing peanut butter into a slice of bread, wrapping it roughly in tinfoil and throwing it and a piece of fruit into my bag. Unsurprisingly, come lunch time, I am less than enthusiastic at eating it. I’ve come to realise that if I made more effort to make an enjoyable lunch, I would enjoy my break better and hopefully avoid the 3pm hunger pains I nearly always get. 

So this weekend I will make a weekly menu and shop according to this, and make myself spend a little time the evening before, making a lunch that I will look forward to! 

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