Lent – Day 16

Day 16 – To find my abdominal muscles 


They went walkabout and were last seen in about 2013. I always felt that I was relatively fit and active throughout school. Swimming twice a week, as well as weekly water polo training. However after leaving school and going to university my exercise regimes sort of disappeared. I went on the odd run, even tried a ballet class which lasted a total of 3 classes after I soon realised I didn’t have the dancers rhythm that my mum always insisted I had at the age of 4. I used to roll my yoga mat out in my teeny room ^^ and do a few sit ups and stretches, and took that I could still touch my toes whilst standing, as a reassurance that all was okay. It wasn’t until final year when I joined the university swimming club and was harshly reminded by my lungs and aching muscles the next day, that I wasn’t in quite the same shape as at school. It soon came back to me though, and I felt so much healthier getting back into a regular exercise pattern.

Unfortunately since then I have gone back to just dabbling with exercise, the occasional swim in the sea pool down the road, and one run that I have been on since arriving. I’m not going to kid myself and pretend that I will suddenly take up running daily or joining a gym. But focusing on that stubborn area and locating those lazy abs will be enough for me. I might not have a 6-pack by Easter, but even just a little less wobbly will be an achievement!

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