Lent – Day 14

Day 14 – Clean out my handbag

This is something I very rarely do. Maybe once every couple of months, if for example I am travelling and need to swap bags. And even then I don’t properly clean it. The scrunched up receipts and shopping lists stay at the bottom until one day when I spill something in my bag and there is a real need to properly empty it. So today after taking note of the increasing shoulder ache I seem to always get after lugging my bag around, I thought I would clean it out properly! 


Unnecessary things I found:

1] keyring torch – now in its rightful place on my key chain

2] The remains of two shells from the beach

3] Three mini packets of sugar

4] A fork

5] 46p of English money

6] 13 hair bobbles (that’s where they all go!)

A lot of the stuff had to go back in, so unfortunately it still feels as heavy, (maybe a little lighter minus the sunscreen), but it is definitely less sandy. A result I am pleased with!

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