Sunday Blues

I was going to post about my recent trip to the aquarium, but I’m in such a funk today, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I don’t know the cause of my bad mood, my guess is that it’s the end of the weekend. A weekend where I have done absolutely nothing. Usually I don’t mind a lazy weekend, but when it’s spent alone (sister is working away this weekend), it’s just no fun. It got to 4pm, and I was yet to leave the flat apart from putting the washing out, I decided enough was enough. So I put on a bright jumper, packed my camera, and headed outside. After a short drive to neighbouring Dee Why, I realised all I needed was some fresh air and see breeze to clear my head. It’s funny how a walk along the beach can instantly make you feel better. I even managed to play around with the camera and snap a few photographs.


^^ All you need is a bright jumper and fedora hat ^^

DSC_0392 DSC_0391

^^ Ohh how I want one ^^



^^ Dee Why ^^


^^ Lets go fly a kite , Up to the highest height^^


^^ Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring  ^^


^^ Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear ^^


^^ Oh, let’s go fly a kite ^^


^^ I spy with my little eye ^^


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