Ash Wednesday and a little lent task

designCanvasILoveTeaRegardless of beliefs and religions, the giving up of food, or repenting oneself during the 40/46 days of lent, is popular all over the world.

I never usually bother with giving something up like chocolate or sweets, as I don’t feel like I eat either regularly and so seems pointless denying myself that one chocolate bar this month. And when it comes to giving up something I really truly love, like tea, or Marmite, well then I don’t want to, as those things make me happy (I know that is the whole point of lent, but I love my tea too much to be without it for 40 days. 40 DAYS!!!)

However after thinking more about the ‘repenting’ part of lent, I think I might have come up with a plan. I like the idea of being more conscious of myself, and my actions, and feel like taking the time to better myself would be a productive exercise. And so, today I am going to start a daily ‘things to do/don’t do, to better myself’ task, which I plan on documenting on here. One ‘thing to do’ a day for 40 days. I hope these little tasks might make me appreciate, and be more conscious of my every day life. And I think it will be quite interesting to see after 40 days whether

1/ I’ve even stuck at it

2/ I ran out of ideas (I’m just too perfect)

3/ I feel like these tasks have bettered me in anyway

* Day 1 – To continue to blog *

(^^ start off easy I say ^^)

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