Loners Club

So this weekend I was part of the loners club while my sister is back in England. I planned for a weekend sat around the flat bored out of my mind and weeping for her return. But then the sun came out, along with 30+ degree heat, so I decided to embrace the free time and be independent. And not that I don’t miss you Al, I do, but I loved it!

Saturday morning was overcast so I got in my old Daewoo (thanks Nadia!!) and went to Westfield. I treated myself to some new lipsticks which I can’t wait to wear on our next night out. Then came back to Freshy to find the clouds had disappeared and the sun had come out. So to the beach I went with my kindle and bottle of ginger beer (Bundaberg is my new addiction) and spent a perfect afternoon catching some rays.

Sunday was the scorcher. I think it reached 36 degrees. So again to the beach I went. As did everybody in Sydney! So after getting sand kicked on to my towel for the 100th time, I decided enough was enough and headed to Manly to meet my friend from work. This weekend, and next, is the Hurley Australian Open surf competition so I went over the cliff to check it out. The beach was rammed but we found a spot to watch and enjoy the last remaining sun for the day. DSC_0101DSC_0090DSC_0093

On the walk home I stopped by the drinks stalls and couldn’t not buy a freshly squeezed lemon juice from this awesome stand. It was refreshing and delicious! I swallow quite a few lemon pips though. Maybe a tree will grow in my tummy.


DSC_0097I just love VW Campervans. This cream colour is perfect.

DSC_0099 DSC_0100

A good weekend. Now come back Alice, I miss my buddy.

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